Hip Pain

Hip pain is a generalized complaint that refers to pain from around the hip joint, including the thigh, groin, buttock, or side of the hip. Sometimes low back pain or pinched nerves in the low back (lumbar spine) can cause symptoms that can mimic symptoms similar to hip pain. If you are experiencing pain around the hip, it is important to consult a hip specialist to get an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

What are some causes of hip pain?

Hip pain is not only caused by hip arthritis, osteonecrosis and other degenerative hip conditions but can be caused by tendon and mucle inflammation, strained muscles, back muscle spasms, and pinched nerves.

Other causes of pain in the hip include:

› Hip arthritis
› Inflammatory arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis)
› Infection
› Hip impingement
› Labral tear
› Developmental dysplasia of the hip
› Hip fracture
› Hip tendinitis
› Hip bursitis (trochanteric bursitis)

If I have hip pain, when should I see a doctor?

If you are experiencing minor hip pain less than 1 week, conservative treatments with rest, ice, elevation, activity modification, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications may help to relieve your symptoms. Persistent, severe pain or pain that prevents you from working or participating in recreational activities or wakes you from sleep should be evaluated by an orthopedic hip specialist.

You should seek immediate medical assistance if you experience:

› Inability to walk or stand on your leg
› Cannot move the hip joint
› Have pain associated with fever/chills
› Experience severe swelling around a joint

How will Dr. Danoff diagnose my hip condition?

Dr. Danoff will perform a detailed history, including your description of your hip pain along with your general health history and perform a physical exam. He may request x-rays to better evaluate the status of your hip joint. CT and/or MRI will be utilized as needed if there is concern about the health of the bone, cartilage, labrum, or muscles around the hip. Blood work or joint aspirations (fluid taken from the joint) may be necessary for diagnosis in rare circumstances.
After Dr. Danoff makes the diagnosis, he will recommend the best hip and knee treatment option to suit your needs and expectations.
If you believe you may be suffering from hip pain, it is important to seek advice from an orthopedic hip specialist to accurately diagnose and treat your condition. Dr. Danoff is a hip and knee specialist at Northwell Health. He sees patients at locations in Great Neck, New York and Garden City, New York. To learn more, call 516-723-2663 (Great Neck) or 516-396-7846 (Garden City) today to schedule an appointment. Or contact us here.