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Back to nature with a bilateral breakthrough
The right doctor made all the difference—and now John is living life without knee pain to slow him down.

When the caregiver needs care, we’re here to help
Thanks to same-day hip surgery at North Shore University Hospital, James now has a fresh start.

Carol A.

I highly recommend Dr. Danoff. I was seen right away. His professional bedside manner was excellent. -REVIEW ON

Thomas D.

I could not be happier with my surgeon Dr Jonathan Danoff. I was looking for someone who would understand my situation my heart condition arthritis and anxiety. Dr. Danoff answered every question & took the time to make sure I understood and was prepared for the surgery. He made this

Henry E.

Did a great job on my total knee replacement. Love the fact that you can keep in touch via the practices app. Dr. Danoff and the team are very responsive. -REVIEW ON

Robert K.

I would like to recognize Dr. Danoff for the excellent care he provided me during my stay. -REVIEW ON NORTHWELL


Amazed at the symptoms…or lack thereof. 5s all the way. Dr. Danoff was excellent. Very efficient &

Daniel K.

Fine, prompt, timely, but mostly thorough -REVIEW ON

Del M.

I was very pleased. Dr. Danoff is very patient and kind. Very pleased with everything. -REVIEW ON


I went to see Dr. Danoff for a hip pain in 11/2017, he was very pleasant, paid attention to everything I said, he explained the solution to my problem with excellent knowledge an easy way. I had surgery on 1/2018 for hip replacement, I was nervous, but he made me

Susan R.

Dr. Danoff was extremely patient and helpful towards my mother who recently broke her hip. He was able fix her fracture with a hip replacement and she was walking the very same day. -REVIEW ON

Richard K.

If you want a doctor who is honest, that will give you the time of day during your office visits with explanations that you can understand and more importantly a skilled surgeon Dr. Danoff is the man. I am a 65 year old man who had a double knee replacement


I’d known for the last ten years that I needed knee replacement surgery, but I was concerned that it would be a debilitating process, so I postponed it. Dr. Danoff took the time to review my healthy lifestyle and thought I was an excellent candidate for the bilateral procedure. He

Andrew M.

Everything was wonderful and clean, and everyone was polite. Specifically, I would like to recognize Dr. Danoff for his excellent care. -REVIEW ON NORTHWELL

Katrina B.

Awesome! Explained ALL my options and my treatment detail -REVIEW ON

Doris K.

Words could not describe how great it was. There definitely are no words to tell you how great my leg feels. I have control of movement where I did not have before. -REVIEW ON


Everything was very good. Lori and Dr. Jonathan is so

Delmis M.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Danoff, he performed an anterior hip replacement. When I met him , he listened to everything I said, he answered all my questions, he cares for his patient and on the day of the surgery, he assured me that everything


I was so impressed with Dr. Danoff, that I scheduled my hip replacement surgery the next day. I was very happy that Dr. Danoff offered evening

Jon K.

Fantastic – Great Doctor! -REVIEW ON

Ken G

Grateful and fortunate am I, with the exceptional expertise demonstrated by Dr. Jonathan Danoff and team. Performance of my right total hip arthroplasty. Amazing! Discharged home the very next day and received follow up calls from Dr. Danoff and was able to communicate with him through Force Therapeutics app. Resulting


Dr Danoff performed anterior THR on me and delivered on everything he told me he would .Operation was a great success minimal amount of pain did not need any strong pain killers to control the healing process I followed his personel online exercise program and did my daily walking. On

Daniel A

Dr. Danoff is a caring and excellent doctor. I feel so lucky that he is my doctor. I am 1 month from my partial knee replacement and have a tiny scar. My friends cant believe that I only had surgery 1 month ago!  -REVIEW ON

Maritza Z.

He operated on both knees of my 83 year old mom and she is doing great. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs full knee reconstruction surgery. He has been very professional, responsible and attentive. -REVIEW ON

Donna W.

its the best Office i have visited. people were very helpful. the PA was very nice. I’m glad the Doctor took care of my Knees i Thank God for the


I’m very glad that I chose this practice and Dr. Danoff as my surgeon. He listens intently to all my questions and answers them with patience. He and his team have followed up on my condition regularly since my

Joan G.

I was very impressed by Dr. Danoff. He is down to earth and genuinely cares. I hope he never changes I will recommend him without hesitation to any of my friends who require his specialty. I was truly impressed by the minimal scar on my knee. -REVIEW ON NORTHWELL

John K.

Dr. Jonathan Danoff, Northwell Health. This doctor did my bilateral complete knee replacements…This doctor is Honest, Professional and highly skilled. My humble opinion, you can’t find a better doctor on Long Island.” “Day 10 post bilateral total knee replacement….Walk around the entire block, single and double step taps both legs,

Joann Q.

Dr. Danoff is pleasant, knowledgeable, competent, an excellent communicator, & inspires confidence. Staff members in the registration area were pleasant, courteous, competent, knowledgeable, & respectful of

Paula P.

I can’t imagine anyone better able to educate, inform and assure the attendees…not to mention, perform the surgery. Kudos Dr. Danoff for your amazing skills and talent, bedside manner, pre-surgical preparation and aftercare! Many, many


Dr Danoff was very pleasant. He took to answer all our questions. My family and I were very impressed with his knowledge and honesty regarding my condition. I would definitely recommend Dr Danoff to any one in need of hip surgery – NORTHWELL

Thomas D.

Dr. Danoff is a caring doctor. I feel so fortunate to have him as my doctor. -REVIEW ON

Rina S.

I was very nervous about my hip replacement. The doctor took extra time to listen to my fears and explain everything. And now that it’s over, I can tell you that it was just as advertised, and even better than that! -REVIEW ON


Not my first experience. I play competitive tennis most of my life and Dr Danoff is the Best! Loved everhrything about his passion for his skill. Thanks Dr



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